Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty Break: Beat the Heat - A Very "Braidy" Sequel (Part 2)

Hello friends, time for more summer braids! To change it up a bit from a full up-do, Sharie did a romantic half-up, half-down braided style on me:

Braid it Baby Style #2 - Em's Look

Step 1: Sharie applied some mousse throughout my hair. Although my hair is super fine, there is a LOT of it - I find that mousse tends to be the best styling product for keeping it under control (my fav drugstore brand here).

Step 2: Section hair and place 1-2 inch sections in "foil rollers" (if you ever put your hair in rag curlers as a kid - I did! - this is exactly the same technique, only using strips of household aluminum foil instead of fabric). Sharie started at the base of each section and began wrapping it around the roller - when she had completed rolling my hair around the foil, she used the ends of the foil to hold each roller in place.

Step 3: Once foil rollers are in place, apply heat! I sat under the salon dryer but a blow-dryer w/ diffuser would also work well. I sat for about 15 minutes and after the rollers were taken out... hair had LOTS of texture (texture = key for braids)!!

Step 4: Part hair to one side and begin loosely French braiding the larger section around your face. Sharie then braided the other, smaller side of my part in a regular braid and used a tiny elastic (yes, a single elastic!) to secure both braids in an uneven angle on the back of my head. She left the rest of my hair down & wavy. SUPER. EASY.

I couldn't help thinking that this would be a gorgeous hairstyle for a casual summer wedding (perhaps with a few tiny flowers tucked into the braids!) if one wanted to wear their hair down but still wanted something that would hold up and be comfortable in the heat/humidity.

We hope you enjoyed our summer braids! A huge thanks again to @ Sharie Manon and Matt Olivar (photos)!

Emy & Po

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  1. La coiffure est super!!!
    Angela Donava

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